Those seeking to redefine marriage are stepping up their pressure on Liberal MPs to water down Liberal party policy.

While Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has reaffirmed his view that marriage between a man and a woman should remain policy, he has indicated that his party room has the power to reconsider this in the future.

A feature of the Coalition’s integrity on the marriage issue has been its steadfastness in ensuring it had a team policy about marriage.

It is appropriate that a major political party holds a party policy (as opposed to allowing a conscience vote) on marriage because of the adverse consequences for children, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

If you live in a Liberal federal electorate, please send an email to your local MP asking them to support the Party’s position on marriage and oppose any move to allow a conscience vote on the issue. Express your thanks that the Coalition has so far stood firm on protecting this institution which is so fundamental to a healthy society.

Marriage is too important to be dropped from party policy.

To find your local MP’s contact details, use the search function on this page. If you’re unsure who your local MP is, use the AEC’s search function here.