In a sign of growing dirty tactics in the Federal election campaign the Australian Sex Party yesterday made an under-handed attempt to discredit the Family First political party by claiming that Family First tried to make a preference deal with them.

Family First’s Federal Chairman Bob Day yesterday strongly denied reports of the party entering a preference arrangement with the Australian Sex Party, saying “I want to reassure you that this is completely false. I am the Federal Chairman and no preference arrangement can occur without my approval.”

“This is a blatant attempt by the Australian Sex Party to discredit Family First. You might recall some months ago this Party took out large advertisements in The Advertiser expressing one of their key aims was to ‘stop Family First’.” Click here for more details.

According to a report in today’s Adelaide Advertiser, a Family First staffer did make contact with the Australian Sex Party to discuss preferences, but Mr Day is reported as saying that the staffer was acting outside of his authority. Family First’s Dennis Hood clarified the situation further in an interview with the ABC’s World Today program.

Mr Day also told the Advertiser that a preference deal would never have been done with the Sex Party, whose views were "diametrically opposed" to Family First.