Sexualisation of children

Sexualisation of children is a significant problem facing our society. Our outdoor spaces should be safe for all families and children to enjoy and yet very often everyone is bombarded with sexualised messages.

Would you support a move in Tasmania to restrict all outdoor advertising to the equivalent of a G rating? 

Affiliation Candidate Answer
Independent Doug Chipman Yes 
Independent  Richard James I believe this may be going too far on restrictions for all outside advertising. There may be other ways to do this and that may by making advertising companies to accept responsibility and not promote sexualised messages to the public at large.
Independent  Hans Willink Yes
Liberal Party  James Walker There have been some particularly inappropriate bill boards on display that as a parent I have found very confronting. Another example is the Wicked Campers vans with their disgraceful messages. Unlike the TV you can’t just switch off or change the channel. I am not sure of the merits of a “G verse PG” approach etc but happy to discuss further