Highly sexualised advertising and marketing has reached the stage where T-shirts such as this (pictured left) are sold in family shopping centres. This range of T-shirts were being sold in the Logan Hyperdome, a large shopping centre in Logan just South of Brisbane. ACL's Qld State Director, Wendy Francis, requested the shop keeper of ZINOS to remove them from sale but was told they were ‘meant to be funny’. These T-shirts are in size 0 – for babies. Wendy bought a T-shirt and took it to Centre Management, making an official complaint. She also stood outside of ZINOS for some time and asked other shoppers whether they believed it was an appropriate shirt for a baby - not one person believed it was. Later that day she received the following correspondence from Centre Management confirming the shirts would be removed.

Good Afternoon Ms Francis,

Thank you for coming to see us this afternoon regarding the baby t-shirt that you found to be offensive. Feedback such as yours helps us provide a more pleasurable shopping experience at the Hyperdome. I have spoken with the owner of the business and he is removing it from sale today. I trust that you are happy with this immediate action. Once again thank you for your feedback, and we look forward to welcoming you back to Hyperdome.

Whilst glad for a good result in this instance, this is a miniscule win in the overall huge problem. Childhood should be a time of innocence, learning and fun. Children should not be pressured by inappropriate sexualised marketing and advertising. Dr Amanda Gordon, former President of the Australian Psychological Society says: “If the message is that you should be sexy and grown-up, instead of being a kid, then kids aren’t practising and learning how to be whole human beings that will actually make them into great adults.”

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