Barnabas Fund has launched a Proclaim Freedom Campaign to raise the profile of persecuted Christians around the world. Barnabas Fund says "Christians are one of the largest and most persecuted groups in the world. Yet they often appear to be the most neglected group in Western governments’ foreign policy. There is little concrete engagement with the issue of anti-Christian persecution, even though governments may recognise that respect for minorities and human rights is a foundation stone for national and international peace and security."

Barnabas Fund says there are two aims of the campaign:

1. to press governments to be active in promoting human rights in other countries for all minorities, but especially religious freedom for the roughly 200 million Christians living under the shadow of persecution, discrimination and disadvantage

2. to press governments to work to ensure that other countries bring to justice citizens who either incite anti-Christian hatred or engage in anti-Christian violence

Barnabas Fund is encouraging Christians in Australia to download and sign a petition to the House of Representatives. Click here to download. The petition closes at the end of 2012. Please print off and share with friends and family and return to Barnabas Fund.