It is an important time for marriage in this country. The Greens are putting pressure on the Labor Party to change their policy and amend the Marriage Act.

ACL's Make A Stand petition has soared past the original target of 25,000. Let's push on to 30,000 and send the message that marriage is an important, fundamental institution in society - and that it's for one man and one woman.

In addition to this, you can also write a message to your local MP by following the prompts on the Make A Stand page. Even better, write a letter or visit your MP in person. If you don't know who your local MP is, find out here. MPs contact details are available here.

If you haven't yet signed the petition, you can sign it here. If your friends and family haven't signed it, let them know how they can help reinforce this message.

Let your politicians know that marriage is important to you.