This past weekend ACL held its annual National Conference in Canberra. It was the best we’ve had.

We heard from Australian Labor Party national executive member Joe de Bruyn that the ALP is under enormous pressure both from the Greens and from within the Party to change its marriage policy at its National Conference on December 2. Mr de Bruyn said that the only hope of stopping such a change is to demonstrate that it would be “electoral suicide” to do so – because marriage is so important to average Australians.

That’s why on the Saturday afternoon at our Conference we launched the Australian Marriage Forum petition. With six weeks to go to the ALP Conference, it is vital we send a strong message to the Party that we support marriage between a man and a woman, and that we do not want the ALP to change its policy.

I know many of you signed our recent petition to the Senate, which had great effect. But as Mr de Bruyn said, the battle ground has now shifted to the ALP national Conference

Visit and sign the petition. Arrange a visit to your local MP. Write an email, or even better, a handwritten letter. Spread the word to your friends and family who care about marriage. Make sure you do this by the end of November, and sign the petition today.