The Australian Christian Lobby is encouraging QLD supporters to sign the ACL-sponsored petition against the so-called Safe Schools program. The petition, Safe Schools Coalition resources are dangerous for our children was rejected by the QLD Parliament three times because the content – which came directly from the Safe Schools resource website Minus 18 – was considered offensive. Only after the wording was toned down was the e-petition accepted.

QLD ACL director Wendy Francis said it was ironic that the Safe Schools defended the language and content of Safe Schools material as acceptable for school kids but it did not pass muster with the QLD Parliament.

“It really is shocking that Safe Schools and Minus 18 have been telling concerned parents that there is nothing inappropriate with the program yet clearly the QLD parliament does not share this view.

The e-petition requests the QLD Parliament to:

• Conduct an inquiry into the appropriateness of the materials use for school children
• Stop the use of these resources in our schools until the inquiry can be completed
• Reveal the list of Queensland schools who have currently adopted the program.

Click here to sign the e-petition, Safe Schools Coalition resources are dangerous for our children.