More than 80 people this week attended a silent protest against proposed abortion law changes in Tasmania. The event, outside Health Minister Michelle O’Byrne’s Launceston office, aired on local WIN News as well as the local Examiner Newspaper 80 rally against abortion changes

The proposed Reproductive Health Bill seeks to follows Victoria’s 2008 lead in decriminalising abortion for any reason – no questions asked – up until 24 weeks. From 24 weeks to birth, all that is needed is two doctors to sign off on the abortion (as is currently the case). The bill would also effectively criminalise pro-life counselling by imposing significant penalties for doctors and counsellors who are unwilling to refer women to pro-abortion service providers, as well as penalising any kind of protest within 150 metres of an abortion clinic.

There is a groundswell of public outrage growing against the bill with more public demonstrations planned. You can make a submission to the inquiry and email Tasmanian politicians through the Make A Stand Campaign "Alive and Kicking". The government has extended the date for submissions till the 5th of April.