8 March 2016

Update: ACL has amended this media release after federal education minister Simon Birmingham advised the ECA program was not federally funded, despite being rolled out nationally. The Herald Sun has yet to retract its story saying that toddlers were to be taught transgender and sexual concepts. This is despite ECA issuing a statement denying the story.

News that toddlers are to be inducted into transgender cross-dressing and other sexual concepts at childcare centres around the nation should sound alarm bells for parents, the Australian Christian Lobby has warned.

The move comes as Australians continue to digest the bizarre content of the so-called Safe Schools program which, among other things, encourages boys identifying as girls to use girls’ toilets at school and promotes the Minus 18 website website with its chest binding and penis tucking instructions for children.

“It is one thing for adults at the Mardi Gras to celebrate questionable values of sexual anarchy and gender denialism, it is quite another to impose rainbow ideology on children in childcare centres,” ACL spokesperson Wendy Francis said today.

Ms Francis called on State Education Ministers to immediately cancel the program which reportedly will be delivered from next month by Early Childhood Australia.

After the Herald Sun published the article by journalist Susie O’Brien on Sunday, Early Childhood Australia issued a statement denying the claims but ACL believes enough questions have been raised to cause concern. The article has not been retracted by the Herald Sun.

“Rainbow politics has gone too far. If marriage is redefined in law, these sort of program will be impossible to stop.

“Many people think the political objectives of the same-sex marriage movement don’t affect them. When we see it reaching into our schools and now even to wanting to sexualise toddlers in childcare centres, we need to take a good hard look at where our nation is heading.”

Ms Francis said gender theory is hotly contested by leading feminists and research showed that 80 percent of children suffering from gender confusion resolved this by puberty, if left alone.

A Swedish study found that 10 years after sex change surgery, transgender people had a 20 times higher rate of suicide mortality than the non-transgendered population.

“Why would we be encouraging children to explore a pathway which clearly doesn’t resolve deep emotional and psychological issues, even after gender reassignment surgery,” Ms Francis said.

“Children suffering confusion about their gendered needed all the love, empathy and professional help possible but teaching controversial and contested gender theory to the remainder of the class is not the answer,” Ms Francis said.


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