The Victorian Government has the state’s junior and senior sporting clubs in its sights, releasing new LGBT rainbow inspired ‘guidelines’ that railroad parents to accept men identifying as women using their daughter’s changing rooms and shower facilities or risk fines.

The Australian Christian Lobby said entering the realm of sports clubs was the latest heavy-handed attempt by the Government to force contested rainbow ideology on Victorians. The guidelines dictate to clubs that a man who is wishing to present as a woman must be called a woman and vice versa.

“All people should be treated with respect and courtesy at all times,” ACL Victorian director Dan Flynn said.

“The ACL is concerned with the coercive nature of these guidelines using the threat of hauling sports clubs and individuals before the Victoria Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission or court should they not conform to the directives,” Mr Flynn said.

“Women and girls who wish to be assured of access to sex-specific facilities may be uncomfortable with the idea that they are now forced to share toilets, change rooms and showers with men and boys who identify as women. More than that, the new rules mean that any objection can be punished as discriminatory.

“These guidelines seem to come straight out of the controversial “Safe Schools” program which teaches children that their gender is fluid and even allows schools to cut parents out of the discussion about whether their child should ‘transition’ to another gender at school.”

In April, the ACT Government imposed similarly onerous rules on its junior and senior sports people. In both Victoria and the ACT, the rules explicitly state that, if a coach warns a transgender woman not to ‘play rough and manhandle the girls’ that this is an example of discrimination for which the club can be punished.

The guidelines warn that the law applies with regard to access to change rooms even where surgery has not occurred.

“The Victorian government needs to explain why it thinks this policy is fair to Victoria’s young girls, women and parents,” Mr Flynn said.

“The idea that gender is fluid is contested and reasonable accommodations for those dealing with gender identity issues that take into account everyone’s concerns can and should be made.

“The Andrews Government is forcing a politically correct ideology on junior and senior sporting clubs using the big stick of anti-discrimination law.”