The Northern Territory Government has revealed that schools are being invited to participate in the radical gender fluid so-called Safe Schools program, but have stopped short –for now- of making it compulsory. 

Responding to questioning by Independent MP Gerry Wood in the NT Parliament last week, Education Minister Eva Lawler refused to say whether parents would be allowed to opt their child out of the Safe Schools program if a school decided to use it.

“It appears that the NT Government is already positioning itself to take gender out of schools, arrogantly assuming that gender will be taken out of marriage as a result of the postal marriage plebiscite,” ACL acting NT director Wendy Francis said.  

“By Ms Lawler’s own admission, the Safe Schools program is part of the same-sex marriage debate.

“The commitment that schools will be able to decide will not stand the test of time as such programs have become compulsory in other countries once gender is taken out of marriage.

“Under a same-sex marriage regime, gender differences would be ignored or denied.

“In ‘safe’ schools, children are told that their gender is fluid and they can choose if they want to be a boy, a girl, or neither.”

Last week the NT Government came under fire following an extraordinary proposal to introduce restrictions on free speech and freedom of religion, described by the Coalition for Marriage as a blueprint for life in a genderless society.

“NT parents are rightly wondering why their Government seems set on removing gender from their schools and their society,” Ms Francis said.