Statement from ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton regarding the police update on the bombing of Eternity House

Australian Christian Lobby notes that the Australian Federal Police have today laid charges against a man for the explosion that occurred at our office in December last year.

While today’s development is a welcome step forward, I am concerned that it has taken five months to get to this point.

I am also concerned that the police continue to refer to the incident which blew out thick glass windows on the ground floor and first floor of our office as a “car fire”. 

The AFP have made a number of seemingly contradictory statements about this incident. Why did this incident occur at the ACL office?  Why not some other venue?  How exactly were the AFP able to conclusively rule out particular motives so quickly? And will these public statements made by police prove to be appropriate ahead of legal proceedings?

The ACL looks forward to seeing these issues ventilated in court.