Press Release courtesy of the Population Research Institute, 10 April 2013

Front Royal, VA, 4/10/13 - World Congress of Families VII will take place this May 15-18 in Sydney, Australia. This event will be the largest gathering of pro-family, advocates, activists and scholars anywhere in the world in 2013.  Speakers and organizations representing more than 80 countries will be present, including Steve Mosher, President of Population Research Institute.

“The World Congress of Families is one of the best ways to unite and energize the pro-life, pro-family movement,” says Mosher.

Notes Allan Carlson, International Secretary and Founder of WCF, “Only the World Congress of Families is building an international coalition for marriage – one which cuts across national, racial and religious boundaries – uniting people of good will everywhere.”

The Congress will include sessions on important topics such as same-sex "marriage," the family and the economy, demographics, abortion, pornography, the cultural impact of today’s society on children, and many more.

Mosher will address a plenary session on May 16, at 11:15am, on the topic of The Family in a Diminishing Economy. He will also chair a panel discussion from 2-3:30 that afternoon on the topic of Can We Prosper with Small Families? He will be joined by Alexey Komov (Russia), speaking on Family Policy in Russia, Don Feder (USA), on The Sexual Revolution and Demographic Winter, and Ewa Kowelewska (Poland), on Fertility Decline in Europe.

Take a look at the program here to see the complete list of topics and sessions.

The World Congress of Families is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join with thousands of like-minded individuals from around the world to advocate for Life and Family. Register now and come to Sydney, Australia, in May.

You can visit the WCF website for more information on the event. You can register here.  See you in Sydney!