Close to 1500 people have already registered for Eric Metaxas’ east coast tour.

We at ACL are very excited about hosting the New York Times best-selling author’s first visit to Australia.

Eric has written biographies on slave trade abolitionist William Wilberforce and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a young pastor who defied the Nazis. He has also penned a book called Miracles and his 7 Men and 7 Women books (examining the secrets of their greatness) are becoming increasingly popular.

We are bringing him to Australia because at this time in our history we believe we can learn from those who have shown courageous Christianity in the past.

The cultural and political challenges we face as Christians do not mean inevitable defeat, but we do need to play our part.

Our prayer is that Eric’s visit will inspire the church in Australia to rise to a Wilberforce/Bonhoeffer moment, knowing our challenges are no greater than those faced by these heroes of the faith.

Eric is a sought after speaker and cultural commentator as well as the host of a daily radio program, the Eric Metaxas Show.

If you live in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne – please register today. And please pass this email on to your friends and post it on your social media. We’d love to see each venue filled.

We’re very sorry that we could not bring Eric to the other states of Australia. I hope you will appreciate that this is a big undertaking for us.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support of all of us at ACL.

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