Hobart is seeing an increase in darkness.

The Tasmanian Government has pledged $10.5 million of public funds over five years to support the ‘dark tourism’ of Dark Mofo. Dark Mofo, presented by MONA as an arts festival, is clearly using funds for what it actually is – a pagan ritual associated with death, nudity, and worship of darkness.

Email your MP below to ask for funding to stop! 

In 2018 Dark Mofo displayed 20m high upside-down crosses around the Hobart waterfront, a symbol used by Satan worshippers to ridicule and mock the Christian cross and its meaning, and the Christian faith.

MONA’s David Walsh writes in the 2016 Dark Mofo program, “We asked the Government bigwigs to increase their contribution considerably, and they nobly obliged. Thus, we think Dark Mofo will get bigger, better, and darker”. Darker is just what is happening.

In an ABC interview defending the public bloody bull sacrifice ritual performance in 2017, where performers jumped into the carcass and writhed in the bull’s entrails, Dark Mofo’s creative director, Leigh Carmichael, said "exploring ancient ritual and ceremony is what Dark Mofo is all about”.

The effect of pagan rituals presented in a public festival format, on the public, is of concern. Attendees are warned of 'being abducted' which involves blindfolding and handcuffing, and report dreams of violence, blood and death.

Other use of funds for Dark Mofo include mock naked crucifixions as public performances, blood smeared on altars and body parts, and drug-crazed death metal bands, playing ‘Hymns to the Dead’ over the city of Hobart.

We want more light in our city of Hobart, not more darkness. Shine the light!

“In Him was life and the life is the light of men. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:4-5)

Please take a moment, use the below text box and tell the government what is really is going on and why you don’t want your money being used in this way.

Some suggested angles for your email:

  • Tax-payers’ money should never be used to deliberately offend people and mock their beliefs. Please cease funding it.
  • It is not appropriate or wise to present pagan rituals as public performances in a festival format – I don’t want my taxpayer dollars spent promoting these things.
  • Dark Mofo is not simply a public arts festival attracting ‘dark’ tourism dollars or art sparking controversy – Dark Mofo is promoting pagan rituals associated with bloody sacrifice, death, nudity and worship of darkness.
  • Is this how we want tourists to remember Tasmania – a centre of darkness and occult? No thank you. Please stop supporting this event.
  • We want more light in our city of Hobart, not more darkness.
  • Tasmanians are not happy with tax money being used to celebrate and invite evil. 

Please use the form below to email your state MP today and ask them to stop public funding of Dark Mofo. 

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