In a few weeks Victorian MPs will be asked to vote on a Government bill that would legalise assisted suicide and euthanasia in Victoria.

Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia are dangerous, thoroughly bad ideas that put society’s most vulnerable at risk.

Euthanasia distorts the relationship between doctors and patients.

If we were to legalise assisted suicide & euthanasia it would mean needing to re-train doctors from being healers to life takers.

The most extraordinary thing about this debate is the way the Andrews Government tried so hard during the election campaign to convince people they wouldn’t introduce this legislation.

The Labor Party said it had “no plans” to introduce euthanasia legislation if they were elected.

Now here we are, 18 months out from an election and the Labor Party wants to legalise assisted suicide and euthanasia, which it is calling 'assisted dying'.

It’s enough to make you very cynical.

MPs will be given a conscience vote when this matter comes up in parliament.

The numbers are looking very close and there are a handful of key government MPs who are likely to vote ‘no’ if they can see that enough people, in their electorates, do not support this radical change in law.

Please use the form below to email your MP today and ask them to vote against assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Your email will be sent to your local Labor MPs either in the Legislative Assembly or the Legislative Council, depending on which electorate you live in.

Here are some points you might like to make, in your own words, in your email:

  1. During the election campaign, the Victorian Labor Party said it had “no plans” to introduce euthanasia.  This legislation for assisted suicide & euthanasia, which the Government is calling 'assisted dying', will be a broken promise.
  2. The Labor Party used to stand for protecting society’s most vulnerable, but now they are putting their very lives at risk.
  3. Euthanasia turns doctors into life takers and patients into victims.  It completely distorts the patient / doctor relationship and undermines the essential trust at the heart of that relationship.
  4. Assisted suicide sends a dangerous message that suicide is an acceptable response to suffering.
  5. The Victorian Government should be spending its time tackling important issues like law and order, not pursuing radical social policies like euthanasia.
  6. I will not be supporting any MP or candidate who votes to legalise assisted suicide or euthanasia.

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