You may have heard the phrase that prostitution is one of the world’s oldest professions, but that doesn’t make it just.

Prostitution is inherently degrading to a person’s dignity because it involves the selling of one’s body for another person’s sexual gratification. In many jurisdictions legalised prostitution has proven to also facilitate human trafficking of women and children as it does nothing to dissuade illegal prostitution.

UN Women is currently undertaking a global consultation with a view to forming UN Women’s policy approach to prostitution which it expects to release sometime in 2017.

ACL provided a submission to UN Women recommending the adoption of a policy consistent with Sweden’s “Nordic approach” towards prostitution.

It is important for ACL to be engaged in this conversation as the prostitution lobby continues to increase pressure on local and international governments to simply accept prostitution as a legitimate industry.

ACL believes that prostitution is incongruent with a society that values all persons as having equal dignity with a right to freedom from exploitation.

You can read ACL’s submission here.