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The Victorian Government’s encouragement for teens to choose whether they are male, female or an indeterminant gender X on enrolment forms is a capitulation to the rainbow lobby that tells children their gender is fluid and promotes gender confusion among students, warns the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL Victorian director, Dan Flynn, called for the immediate scrapping of the new enrolment forms for VCE and VCAL pupils which have been altered by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, an authority answerable to the Minister for Education.

Mr Flynn said the wellbeing and safety of other children was being discarded in an attempt to impose “Safe Schools” type polices on schools.

“As with other contested gender ideology such as Safe Schools, these forms have been forced on schools without parental consultation,” Mr Flynn warned.

“We are opening the door to say, ‘I don’t want to be a male or a female, I want to be something else’.

“Unambiguous biological boys would be able to rely on their official VCAA forms to have free access to girls change rooms at school.”

Mr Flynn said Parliament had rejected similar proposed changes to birth certificates that were introduced by the Victorian Government because of concerns for the safety of women.

“Why is the Education Department willing to put children in their care at risk when the Parliament has rejected similar changes to Birth Certificates because of safety concerns for women and children?

“Policies inspired by "Safe Schools" to allow boys identifying as girls to access girls' private spaces such as toilets should be rejected as implementing this policy may open up significant duty of care liabilities for the Victorian Government,” Mr Flynn said.

“Reasonable accommodations for children dealing with gender identity issues should be found that do not compromise girls' privacy.

“It is not reasonable for parents to be required, without their permission, to have their daughters participate in such a social experiment.”