Domestic violence is a complex issue that affects the whole of society, inflicting extensive damage on individuals, families and the broader community.

With this is mind, the Queensland government is to be commended for taking measures to address this issue through the Domestic and Family Violence Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016.

ACL provided a submission to the committee as it deliberated on the bill.

Much of the bill’s objectives were sensible and appropriate reforms. Four of the five objectives of the bill were supported, however, ACL voiced concerns over the Police Protection Notices (PPN) provisions as it may ‘risks undermining one of the foundations of the rule of law – that one is innocent until proven guilty’. Other submitters to the inquiry also shared this concern.

The committees report explicitly referred to this aspect of ACL’s submission in its report.

The committee recommended that the bill be passed.

The bill was passed by the Queensland Parliament on 11 October 2016.

You can read ACL’s submission here.