Mitochondrial transfer

Inquiry into the science of mitochondrial donation and related matters

On 21 March 2018, the Senate of the Federal Parliament referred the above matter to the Community Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report by 19 June 2018. The full terms of reference being to investigate:

(a) the science of mitochondrial donation and its ability to prevent transmission of mitochondrial disease;

(b) the safety and efficacy of these techniques, as well as ethical considerations;

(c) the status of these techniques elsewhere in the world and their relevance to Australian families;

(d) the current impact of mitochondrial disease on Australian families and the healthcare sector;

(e) consideration of changes to legal and ethical frameworks that would be required if mitochondrial

donation was to be introduced in Australia;

(f) the value and impact of introducing mitochondrial donation in Australia; and

(g) other related matters.

The Committee invited written submissions addressing issues to be lodged by COB May 11, 2018.

Read ACL’s submission to the federal mitochondrial transfer inquiry