back our chappies for enewsIf you're in Queensland, we encourage you to show your support for the national school chaplaincy program by getting involved in the ‘Back Our Chappies’ bus tour, which will be travelling to more than 20 communities across the state. The tour will commence on the 10th of March and run for three weeks.

The tour is run by Scripture Union Queensland (SU Qld) to spread the message of school chaplaincy throughout Queensland.

Visit to find out if the bus is coming to a town near you.

In September last year, ACL informed supporters of SU Qld being called before the High Court a second time to defend the national school chaplaincy program.

The case continues, and the High Court will sit in the first two weeks of May this year to hear the case in regards to ongoing federal funding for school chaplaincy.

Thank you for ensuring our school chaplains continue to serve our school communities to bring hope to the next generation.

Visit for more information.