Victorians may have noticed a subtle but powerful series of ads running on the Seven And Ten networks that highlight the grief and loss felt by women (and men) who suffer the loss of an unborn child. 

Be it because of miscarriage, stillbirth or even abortion, the grief is real, the loss is real.

These brilliant adverts point people to a website where they can access information, support and help.

They can also order a "hope pack" that includes more resources to help them. This campaign is a gift to those who have suffered loss, a gift from the churches of Victoria. Its aim is supported by the ACL.

This campaign coincides with a push to provide clarity in law around birth and death certificates for stillborn children. With around 500 stillbirths in Victoria each year, many couples are left with many unanswered questions.

The Victorian Attorney General Rob Clark has commited to review this area of law.

Both of these issues go to the value we should place on unborn children.