With the federal election fast approaching, the National School Chaplaincy Association has launched a campaign aimed at securing continued funding for school chaplaincy beyond 2011.

The Federal Government is conducting a review of the school chaplaincy program and has given no firm commitment to continue funding for it after 2011.

By contrast, the Opposition has given a commitment to the program for a further three years beyond 2011. However, at this stage they have not committed any additional funds to keep up with inflation and allow new schools to have access to a chaplain.

The lead up to the election is a vital time in which to secure commitments to future funding for school chaplaincy. There are currently around 2,000 chaplains employed in public schools throughout Australia and they are making a valuable contribution to the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of the school communities which needs to be continued.

We urge you to join in this campaign by going to http://support.schoolchaplaincy.org.au/ and sending off an email to your local federal MP to inform them of your support of the school chaplaincy program and your wish to see it extended beyond 2011.