In brief:

  • ACL in the media over sexualised bus shelter ads,

  • Report the abusive Facebook attacks on ACL’s Qld Director Wendy Francis (see links below),

  • Support Wendy Francis’ Facebook page calling for Outdoor Advertising to be G-rated.

As you may or may not have heard, the ACL’s Queensland Director Wendy Francis has been front and centre of the debate about the contents of billboards and outdoor advertising around Brisbane.

The issue for ACL has always been the sexualisation of children not the issue of homosexuality. Exposing inappropriate billboard content from condoms to erection problems has been a concern of Wendy’s and the ACL’s for a long time.

The latest effort to see the Adshel Rip and Roll condom ad removed from bus shelters is a part of this campaign. We don’t think too many parents would want their children exposed to in-your-face sexualised condom advertisements while waiting for the school bus.

We are disappointed to see Adshel cave to pressure from the highly organised homosexual lobby and reinstate the billboards. This shows a disregard for children and the right of parents to explain sexual concepts to their children at a time parents deem appropriate, not advertisers.

Wendy has written to the Advertising Standards Bureau and billboard companies complaining about numerous billboards in the past. She was successful in causing a Vampire Diaries poster at bus shelters around Brisbane to be brought down which featured two men leaning over a vulnerable young woman biting her neck. One of these ads was at the Brisbane Boys College. Yet, that didn’t make the news.

ACL lodged a submission to a House of Representatives inquiry in February 2011 and then Wendy appeared on ACL’s behalf at the committee’s hearing in Melbourne with our Victorian Director Rob Ward renewing calls for outdoor advertising to be G Rated. You can read an article she wrote about that submission by clicking here.

Wendy is not new to the issue of the sexualisation of children through inappropriate outdoor advertising and neither is ACL. We made submissions in 2008 to two Senate Inquiries examining broadcasting standards and the sexualisation of children in the contemporary media.

Wendy has done a tremendous job in speaking out on the issue of inappropriate advertising as it effects children. We are concerned at the level of abuse that has been levelled at her and the ACL.

We are coming to you late in the game but we need your practical support in several ways. Firstly, Wendy has a fan page set up calling for Outdoor Advertising to be G Rated. We need to work on our social media efforts, after yesterday, and ask that you would support this group and show that there are people willing to be activated in the social media. Please go and ‘like’ it now.

We also need you to speak up against the obscene and hateful language on Facebook and express the view that this is no way to debate in a civil society.

There are three offensive Facebook pages targeting Wendy we’d like you to report:

If you have a Facebook profile, click on these links, go to the page and on the left-hand side you’ll find a link that says “Report Page” – you can select “Targets a friend”.

Be courageous and let activists know that this is completely inappropriate, whether they agree or not with ACL’s concern for the sexualisation of children through outdoor advertising. It’s not right to attack people personally and these claims about Wendy are untrue and offensive.

The last 24 hours have been difficult for our communication and to make matters worse, our website went down. We hope that you’ll help us out with this and participate in the debate on social media such as Facebook.

Thank you for your support for the work of the ACL.

Lyle Shelton
Chief of Staff