Your action today will save lives.

In Tasmania our Premier is considering the government's response to the closing of dedicated abortion clinics in Tasmania.

The organisations and individuals that advocate for abortion are many and loud. They will not stop even though science has shown us that babies can feel pain and that they are little human beings, not a valueless 'product of conception'.

Now is the time to raise your voice!

Send your message to the Premier and Health Minister below.

Even Greens MP Cassy O’Connor, admits abortion is an ‘agonising choice’. Surely we can support women better than making abortion routine.

Abortion is not ‘just another medical procedure’.

As a Galaxy survey in 2013 showed - the majority of Tasmanians are against abortions when there is a healthy baby and mother which is the case in 95% of abortions.

It is not the government's role to be normalising abortion but it is their duty to pursue the common good and support all Tasmanian's in the pursuit of peace and purpose; even the ones yet to be born.

Every abortion means one less Tasmanian and often uncovers women who have not been fully supported through agonising times.

Doing nothing does not help women in need.

So far the government has not bowed to the pressure to provide so-called 'routine' surgical abortions.

Please send your encouraging message to the Premier and Health Minister below.

Thank them for not bowing to the pressure of abortion providers and activists. You may wish to consider the following issues in your message:

  • Abortion is not ‘just another medical procedure’.
  • The ending of life is anything but routine.
  • Supporting mums with independent and fulsome advice about the realities of abortion and the viable options of supporting women through unexpected pregnancy.
  • With many Tasmanians' waiting to adopt children every year, encourage the government to better support adoption.

When typing your message in the text box below, PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Do not add a salutation like 'Dear Premier', this is added automatically.
  2. Please be concise and respectful in your correspondence.
  3. Be encouraging, this is an issue many Tasmanian's care deeply about and the priority is that we lovingly support women through these incredibly challenging circumstances.

If you would like to write a hand written note please send to:

The Honourable Will Hodgman
C/O - Parliament House, Hobart 7000

The Honourable Michael Ferguson
C/O - Parliament House, Hobart 7000