30 November 2015

The latest example of a surrogate mother being ordered to abort a baby in the USA should cause Australians to question whether or not surrogacy is in the best interests of children and women, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

This is in light of reports of a US man who paid for a surrogate mother to carry his child demanding she abort a baby after learning she was pregnant with triplets.

ACL spokeswoman Wendy Francis said the latest case should serve as a warning to the NSW Government which earlier this year reviewed surrogacy laws and mooted the possibility of allowing parents to advertise for surrogate mothers.

“Rather than making surrogacy easier, the NSW Government should be doing everything it can to stop surrogacy,” Mrs Francis said.

“Children shouldn’t be regarded as off-the-shelf commodities or products designed to meet the requirements of adults.

“Deep bonds are formed between mother and child during gestation and, unsurprisingly, there have been several cases where the mother has resisted relinquishing the child1.

“While sympathising with couples who cannot have children, ACL does not believe surrogacy is in the best interests of the relinquishing mothers or their children.

“Surrogacy, even when done altruistically, objectifies children and surrogate mothers and creates lifelong emotional issues for both.

“The only thing a new-born baby knows is her or his mother and this bond should not be severed unless absolutely necessary.”


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