A comprehensive and credible national survey in the United Kingdom has revealed that only 1.5% of Britons say they are homosexual, lesbian or bisexual, which is much less than the most commonly used estimate of 5 to 7 percent.

The findings were based on interviews with more than 450,000 people by the Office of National Statistics (the UK equivalent of the Australian Bureau of Statistics). The ONS has said that it had produced an accurate estimate based on a question of self-perceived sexual identity, with a valid response to the relevant question provided by 96% of those surveyed.

The homosexual lobby have however downplayed the significance of the findings, claiming that the figure of 1.5% is likely to be an underestimate because people might be reluctant to disclose their true sexual identity. They also lobbied for Civil Partnership legislation in 2003 on the basis of the inflated figure of seven percent, which was accepted by the then Labour Government.

The same survey also revealed that 71% of people in the UK identify as Christians. There has been plenty of press coverage of these significant statistics in the UK, but surprisingly little in the Australian mainstream media. Two of the many UK articles can be found by clicking here and here.