For release: 20 May 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby today urged parliamentarians to more carefully consider the ethical consequences of redefining marriage as another prominent MP changed positions.

“Marriage is the foundation of family,” ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said, “the rights and interests of children ought to be immediately put at centre stage of all family policy.

“Redefining marriage would redefine family. Same-sex marriage and same-sex parenting are inextricably linked.

“By definition two parents of the same-sex cannot parent a child without first removing that child from either its mother or its father.

“Every time a child loses their mother or their father, whether by family breakdown, death, desertion, it is a profound tragedy.

“Marriage rights are rights to family and children.

“Politicians should not pass laws that encourage and facilitate separating children from either of their biological parents merely to satisfy the desires of adults.

“If gender matters for company boards and jury selection, then how can we deny that it matters for parenting?

“It is tragic that there are support networks in this country for children who don’t know their biological mother and father because misguided government policies on surrogacy and donor parenting denied them of that basic right.

“Let’s not make a grave error of judgement on the marriage debate. To champion marriage as a society is to champion social justice for our children.”