The Australian Christian Lobby’s Managing Director Jim Wallace today pointed to news of an impending debate on a draft Swiss law to decriminalise sex between consenting family members as clear evidence of where activists want to take marriage.

“Although Switzerland has not yet legalised same sex marriage, the fact that incest is even on the legislative agenda of a modern Western democratic nation should serve to warn Australians about the package of sexual liberation likely to follow advocacy for same sex marriage”, Mr Wallace said.

The Swiss bid to overturn the ban on incest is being pushed by Daniel Vischer, who is a member of the Green Party. The Swiss Green Party, like its Australian counterpart, is a member of the Global Greens, which subscribes to a common set of core values, including a strong commitment to non-discrimination principles.

“It should come as no surprise that the initiative to decriminalise incestuous relationships in Switzerland has come from a member of its Green Party”, said Mr Wallace.

“Once the man-woman relationship, represented in the marriage covenant, is challenged as the bedrock of a society, any and all forms of romantic and sexual relationships are on the table.

“A common refrain from supporters of same sex marriage is their objective to ‘remove all discrimination from the Marriage Act’, but if all relationships were treated equally by the law, incestuous and polygamous relationships would also have to be considered marriage under Australian law.

“This is exactly what is taking place in Canada today, with its ban on polygamous marriage being challenged in the courts using many of the same equality arguments that were used there to justify legalising homosexual marriage in 2005.

“This is a clear warning to the major parties not to compromise marriage”, said Mr Wallace.