[caption id="attachment_7003" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Announcing Sydney’s win are New Zealand Family First’s (no connection with the Australian political party of that name) Bob McCoskrie, the AFA’s Mary-Louise Fowler, Family Research Council Research Fellow Dr Pat Fagan and NSW Upper House member Greg Donnelly."][/caption]

Congratulations to the Australian Family Association’s Mary-Louise Fowler and her bid team on winning the World Congress of Families conference for Sydney in 2013.

ACL’s NSW Director David Hutt and I had the privilege of attending the announcement at NSW Parliament House yesterday.

Dr Patrick Fagan from the Family Research Council in Washington DC, who helped assess the bid on behalf of the Congress, is a world expert on the impact of family breakdown and was in attendance.

He said 55 per cent of children were entering adulthood having experienced rejection from their parents.

Apart from the enormous pain and dysfunction wrought on children, governments and the economy were also big losers from family breakdown as tax revenues declined and demand for welfare payments increased.

Dr Fagan said the World Congress of Families was a “rebuilder of civilisation”.

Also in attendance was Labor member of the NSW Upper House, Greg Donnelly. He said almost 300,000 children went to bed each night in NSW without getting a kiss from either their mother or father.