1 March 2016

The 18-metre giant pink condom placed onto a heritage listed monument in Sydney’s Hyde Park this week, is a distasteful and completely inappropriate stunt, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

Australian Christian Lobby director and outdoor advertising spokesperson Wendy Francis said it was the government had the responsibility to ensure children and their parents were not confronted with adult material.

“It is also confronting to the many visitors to the city who are not used to Government funding projects like this,” Ms Francis said.

“It is disappointing that the NSW Government is funding ACON, the organisation behind this stunt. The Baird Government should explain to taxpayers why it’s funds are going toward such an inappropriate project. How can it support this?

“We recognise the need to combat HIV in our community but this is not the appropriate way to deal with the issue.

“My position on this is always that the government and the community have a responsibility to our children,” she said.

“There is a time and place for talking to children, and an age appropriate time for parents to talk to children about condoms.

“Parents do not want to be forced into a situation where they have to explain something that’s not relevant.”

Aside from being inappropriate, Francis said the campaign’s message would be lost in the controversy.

“I think it’s trivialising a very serious problem as well,” she said.

“It’s never appropriate to put sexually explicit advertising in public places.

“It’s an Obelisk and we’re turning it into a penis in the public eye.”

Ms Francis she was also disgusted that ACON was also using the Bondi Beach this weekend to give away 1,000 pink ‘condom-like’ inflatable rings.

“ACON is acting in a very irresponsible way by exposing children to sexual content.”

The ACL has run a long campaign for outdoor advertising to be G rated.

“We would like to see advertisers take a responsible attitude toward the way they approach sexually explicit messages,” Ms Francis said.

“The ACL calls on the Sydney Council and the Baird Government to step up and intervene in the giant condom issue.”


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