Parental Rights

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  • Politics and parenting in Victoria

    Many Victorians have moved on from the two elections last year and are now facing the fresh challenges of cost of living increases and interest rate hikes. But some are still mindful of what we can do, as Christians, in the coming years before the next elections. The next four years leading up to the… Read More

  • QLD: Government bill undermines birth records, parental rights and women’s safety

    The Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Bill 2022 was introduced by Attorney General, Shannon Fentiman, on the last Parliamentary sitting day of last year. Then, public submissions closed on 11 January, allowing the minimum of exposure. The Bill will legalise the falsification of Birth Certificates by allowing any person over the age […] Read More

  • McGowan must get serious about offensive advertising

    Last week was National Child Protection Week. But children in WA continue to be harmed by hyper-sexualised outdoor advertising. The McGowan Government has introduced legislation to address such advertising on motor vehicles, a problem that has largely disappeared. But its failure to act to protect children from obscene outdoor advertising has prompted […] Read More

  • NSW: Government rejects parental rights bill

    The NSW Government’s decision to withhold support for Mark Latham’s Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020 leaves parents on the outer when it comes to deciding the suitability of material taught to their children.   Read More

  • NSW: The battle for parental rights continues

    As part of the report’s opening, Mark Latham writes ‘The Parental Rights Bill seeks to reassert the rights and role of parents in the moral, ethical, political and social developments of their children…’ Read More

  • Vic: Another school crosses the line

    Many Victorian schools are becoming breeding grounds for political activism. Read More

  • Parental Rights – THANK YOU!!

    Thank you to the almost 60,000 Australians who signed our petition in the lead-up to the ALP’s National Conference. You have helped ensure parents are not criminalised for wanting to affirm their child’s biological gender!! Almost 60,000 voices helped change the Australian Labor Party so-called ‘LGBT conversion therapy’ policy. In signing the petition, almost 60,000 Australians made up the voice that single-handedly… Read More

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