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  • Proposed social media ban for under 14’s underscores needed restrictions on porn and transactivist content.   This weekend, Premier Peter Malinauskas announced a nation-first initiative to ban social media for children under the age of 14, coupled with parental consent requirements for 14–15 year-olds.  Inspired by overseas examples, the South Australian Government is currently seeking legal advice… Read More

  • Following thousands of Australians taking to the streets on Saturday, calling on the Albanese government to end violence against women, the government has today pledged, amongst other strategies, to introduce age-verification technology in a bid to stop young boys gaining access to violent pornography and other inappropriate material that contributes to the domestic violence pandemic.  Commenting on the welcome… Read More

  • Shocking statistics on the number of Australian children contracting sexually transmitted infections (STI) are a symptom of a broad social issue that requires urgent national attention.   Commenting on the findings, Wendy Francis, National Director of Politics of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said, “Australian adults are seriously neglecting the wellbeing of our nation’s children… Read More

  • In their long awaited response to the Roadmap for Age Verification, the Labor government has ignored child advocates and chosen to prioritise privacy for pornographers over protection for children. Wendy Francis, National Director of Politics for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said, “This is a serious blow to the wellbeing of our nation’s children. The priorities… Read More

  • Block porn: Free up the internet for essential services and community

    With Australians social distancing and self-isolating to prevent the spread of COVID-19, blocking porn online is essential to prevent internet gridlock and resultant isolation or even loss of lives, the Australian Christian Lobby said today. Read More

  • New QLD Revenge Porn Laws A Step In The Right Direction

    The legislation passed by the government is a step in the right direction. However, what we need to see is recognition that all pornography is harmful and is causing a massive health issue for our younger generation. Read More