Dear ACL friend,

The industry body Free TV Australia is trying to soften the rules on free-to-air television, which would be detrimental to children. We would like your help in submitting your own email response to the Free TV.

These proposed rules can be accessed here.

Here is ACL’s response.

We are asking you to write an email to their submission process outlining your own concerns. Please use your own words, but if you were interested in some points to cover, please consider these:

- - -

  • Reject the specific changes:

    • M-rated timeslots proposed for 7.30pm;

    • MA-rated timeslots proposed for 8.30pm;

    • PG-rated timeslots proposed for all day;

    • AV-rated – abolished

  • The rules should stay as they currently are.

  • Television is the easiest medium for children to access, therefore it must maintain strict standards. A ‘changing media landscape’ does not change this fact.

  • I strongly believe these changes will have a detrimental effect to my family and our nation.

    - - -

Please submit your response to [email protected]

Thank you for your support,

Lyle Shelton

Managing Director, Australian Christian Lobby