Your voice is needed to help form a tsunami of opposition to the abortion-to-birth bill now before NSW Parliament.

The radical bill has passed the Lower House and the bill is now before the Upper House (Legislative Council).

The Legislative Council will resume debating the bill on Tuesday 24th September. The critical issue for consideration is late term abortion.

This means there is very little time to have your voice heard on this vital issue.

Each step of the way, MPs have felt the pressure from your emails, phone calls and rallies, but we can’t stop now. We need to raise our voices even louder to show that the community does not support this radical bill.

Use the form below to send an email to all members of the Legislative Council asking them to vote against this bill.

Your email should focus on a request to ban late term abortion:

  • This bill allows abortion right up to birth. From 22 weeks to birth, so long as a doctor thinks it “should” occur and a second doctor is consulted then abortion can happen (that’s 5 ½ months right until 9 months). Most agree this is radical as babies beyond 22 weeks are viable outside the womb. A poll shows 70% of voters oppose this.