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Take the next step to defend your family, faith and freedom

Our opponents, by redefining marriage in the way recently push through parliament, have rejected any meaningful protections in law – silencing free speech, squashing religious freedoms, but strengthened the push for compulsory radical gay sex education for our children.

You can help build our next line of defence by giving today to help ACL and the Human Rights Law Alliance raise your voice in our law courts.

Here’s how your gift today will help strengthen the next line of defence: 
  • You’ll help push back on new laws threatening your faith and freedom
  • You’ll help push back on compulsory gay sex education for our children
  • You’ll safeguard Christian schools and charities
  • You’ll help those speaking the truth being prosecuted for “hate speech” and living out their faith

Thank you for taking this powerful next step by giving today to help defend your faith and freedom.