The Australian Christian Lobby welcomes yesterday’s announcement by the Tasmanian Liberals not to support a Charter of Humans Rights and Responsibilities in Tasmania.

ACL is urging new Premier Lara Giddings drop the policy and learn from mistakes made overseas.

The ACL is opposed to a Charter of Rights because it hands unprecedented power to unelected judges over moral and social policy.

The ACL is concerned that minority-interest groups would achieve its self-serving goals not readily achievable through the democratic process.

For example, in Canada under its charter of rights, judges ruled that tobacco advertising is a form of free speech and overturned laws that defined marriage as being between a man and a woman.

The Greens also used Victoria’s charter of rights to attack the freedom of churches and Christian schools to employ staff who reflect a Christian ethos.

ACL believes the best way to protect human rights is through legislation which is debated in parliament. ACL successfully proved this point when it campaigned against a federal Charter of Rights last year.