Tasmanian politicians who support the Greens same-sex marriage motion tomorrow will be buying into the Greens agenda to supress debate, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL Tasmanian Director Mark Brown said if the parliament voted to support the principle of same-sex marriage it was effectively siding against Hobart Archbishop Julian Porteous who stands accused of breaking the law by attempting to defend marriage.

“Archbishop Porteous and the Australian Catholic Bishop’s Conference simply distributed information that every supporter of man-woman marriage would want their fellow Australians to hear.“The Greens political candidate, Martine Delaney, is taking legal action to shut down views she doesn’t agree with.

“The timing of this motion sends the wrong message about freedom of speech at a time when the Greens are using legal action to shut down Archbishop Porteous. It would be disappointing if Tasmanian parliamentarians allowed themselves to be co-opted into this agenda.

“The Turnbull Government has promised the Australian people that they will be the ones to resolve the marriage debate, not politicians,” ACL Tasmanian Director Mark Brown said.

“It is inappropriate for politicians to be seeking to pre-empt the people’s vote. By expressing a view through a parliamentary vote they are effectively playing into the hands of the Greens agenda in denouncing all opposition to same-sex marriage as being bigoted.“It is not for the Tasmanian Parliament to undermine the Turnbull Government’s peoples’ vote.”