ACL congratulates independents Kerry Finch (Rosevears) and Robert Armstrong (Huon) on their re-election/election to the Tasmanian Upper House. Many commentators are trying to read into the results given that neither of the Liberal Party candidates in either electorate got up. Some are even pointing at the federal influences on the outcome. I think ABC’s Antony Green sums it up well: “I don't think you can read too much into the result. The state government has been there only a few weeks. The rejection of two Liberals in favour of local Independents is perfectly normal for the Tasmanian Legislative Council . . . And for Federal implications, I think there are few”.

This time next year we will see another three upper house seats contested. Mike Gaffney (Mersey), Craig Farrell (Derwent) and Ivan Dean (Windermere) will all be up for re-election.