Pressure to abort must stop

Women’s advocacy groups, and now MP’s, are demanding surgical abortions be made routinely available in public hospitals just like any other operation. But is abortion really like any other operation? The ending of a life is anything but routine.

During the abortion law debate in 2013 Cassy O’Connor accurately described abortion as an ‘agonising choice.’

Whatever one’s views everyone would agree on two basic non-negotiables:

  1. Pregnant women (and their partners) should be fully informed regarding all the options available and any potential consequences of choosing those options.
  2. There should be a total absence of coercion in the decision.

Neither of these are guaranteed under our present legislation. How can we therefore be contemplating making abortions more routine by mainstreaming them in public hospitals? Surely this will only compound the problem.

A motion is currently before parliament’s lower house aiming to pressure the government into making abortions routinely available in public hospitals just like any other medical procedure.

Please act now to protect vulnerable women and children:

  1. Send a short email to all Tasmanian politicians (see directions below).
  2. Pray that the government does not give in but instead that a fresh debate is sparked about the important issues of children’s rights, informed consent and coercion of mothers.

You may wish to consider the following issues in your message. Please use your own words:

  • Abortion is not ‘just another medical procedure’.
  • The ending of life is anything but routine.
  • Tax payers money should not be used to pay for abortions.
  • Supporting mums with independent and fulsome advice about the realities of abortion and the viable options available in dealing with  an unexpected pregnancy should be a goal.
  • Adoption should be valued and encouraged rather than abortion.

When typing your message in the text box below, PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Do not add a salutation like 'Dear Premier', this is added automatically.
  2. Please be concise and respectful in your correspondence.
  3. Be encouraging, this is an issue many Tasmanian's care deeply about and the priority is that we lovingly support women through these incredibly challenging circumstances.