The Presbyterian Church of Tasmania yesterday held a forum in Hobart to support marriage remaining between a man and a woman which ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace spoke at.

Organiser Campbell Markham said the event was organised after a motion was passed in parliament last year by Greens’ MP Adam Bandt for politicians to find out their constituents' views on same-sex marriage.

“We believe marriage should be between a man and a woman and the forum discussed the positive role a mother and father have on children and also the concerns people have about changing marriage,” he said.

Dr Andrew Corbett from The Tasmanian Family Institute addressed the audience about the implications of changing the definition of marriage.

“What is really at stake is the welfare of people – especially children. We can demonstrate that children always fare better when raised by a mum and dad who are married. The privilege of having or raising children is an integral component of marriage,” he said.

“The debate on same-sex marriage has become about the language used. The discrimination issue for same-sex marriage is a philosophically illegitimate concept based on the current Marriage Act which is discriminatory for the welfare of society.

“The Marriage Act is currently discriminatory in five categories. It’s discriminatory against a person marrying a family member and persons under a certain age,” he said.

Managing Director of The Australian Christian Lobby, Jim Wallace AM, spoke to the audience about how people should respond to the moves to allow same-sex marriage.

“If people are concerned about moves to same-sex marriage, they should let their local politicians know – they should send a letter or they can also sign our petition on ,” he said.

The event was filmed and will be uploaded on Youtube over the coming days for people to view

The event was reported by The Mercury and Tasmanian TV stations.