On May 3, around 40,000 Tasmanians will go back to the polls to elect two new members of the upper house. In early May each year two or three of the 15 members come up for re-election. This year the two seats to be contested are Huon, (previously occupied by Paul Harriss who has been recently elected to the lower house), and Rosevears (north of Launceston), where Kerry Finch is recontesting after two terms. To find out more and whether you need to vote see here.

To help voters make a more informed choice each candidate was sent a brief questionnaire. Responses are available here in a printable form: Huon & Rosevears. Complete Huon responses are available here.


  • Late responses were not incorporated into the printable PDF but will be posted here when supplied.

  • Where no response is given, the candidate has chosen not to participate in this survey.


Division of Huon Candidates

ARMSTRONG, Robert; Huon Valley Mayor; Independent

BELL, Jimmy; Self Employed; Independent

DILLON, Rodney; Human Rights; Independent

HODGMAN, Peter; Real Estate Agent; Liberal Party

LANE, Helen; Computer Consultant; Independent

RUZICKA, Pavel; Self Employed ; Independent

SMITH, Liz; Councillor, Huon Valley; Independent

Division of Rosevears Candidates

FINCH, Kerry; Parliamentarian; Independent

MORRIS, Don; Former Parliamentary Adviser; Liberal Party


Those in Huon will need to number at least four candidates in order of preference to ensure your votes are counted. Rosevears voters only require a first preference for a valid vote.


Further information is available at the following sites: