In just two weeks, almost 30,000 people have signed a petition to the Senate calling on Senators to allow the people to speak on marriage.

This is a terrific effort. If you are a signatory – thankyou. If you haven’t signed, please do so and please, everyone, share the petition with your friends on social media.

Help get the word out.

The bullying and demonisation we have seen this year of anyone who dares to dissent has been breathtaking.

This is not the Australia many of us grew up in and it will only get worse if the law changes.

Just look at the relentless demonisation of Pastor Margaret Court, one of the world’s greatest tennis players ever.

She has had to endure pernicious accusations that she is responsible for the death of gay people, filthy language from the likes of John McEnroe and repeated calls for the annihilation of name at the Melbourne tennis centre.

The persecution of her is designed to do one thing and that is to warn the rest of us to keep quiet.

Advocates for change don’t want any of the rest of us to be emboldened by Pastor Margaret’s courage.

The best way we can fight back is to build pressure on the Senate to let the people speak.

That is why this petition so important.

It’s been a bloody two weeks of Islamist-inspired killing. Manchester, Kabul, London, Melbourne.

Our prayers are with the families of the dead and with the wounded – especially the brave officers of Victoria Police.

Blood on our streets must not be allowed to become the new normal.

But somehow killers keep slipping through our police surveillance and parole nets.

Islamic State has been quick to claim responsibility for the attacks in western cities.

As was revealed in the inquest into the Lindt Café siege, political correctness about Islam has hampered the response of authorities.

Radical Islam should not be the only focus of our concern.

When so-called moderate Islamic states like Pakistan put Christian women like Asia Bibi on death row for allegedly blaspheming Mohammad, what message does this send to the Jihadists?

The same when Indonesia jails a former governor, the Christian Ahok, for allegedly blaspheming the Koran.

If Sharia law in these supposedly moderate countries is enforced with such brutality it is only natural that a young Jihadi would be emboldened to take things into his own hands.

I can’t see how we can tackle radical Islam while Muslim nation states are setting such an example.

I hope Australian Muslim leaders will stand up for religious freedom and toleration in Asia.

Please sign the petition here.