This is my last blog for 2016. I’ll be on leave from Wednesday.

It’s a bit longer than usual but please bear with me.

I want to thank you for supporting the ACL Team and me as we have sought to continue to bring Christian virtues to politics and the public square.

We go into the Christmas period with reason to celebrate and be thankful. Australia remains free from the injustices created by a redefinition of marriage in law.

I want to thank you for your part in this success. Without supporters like you this would not have been possible.

We remain committed to working with allies in 2017 to ensure that the consequences of changing the law on marriage are not visited on our country.

Nothing in politics is inevitable and even more so as together we continue to push through the pressure to remain silent and make our voices heard.

This is a long battle and you and I must never give up. Justice for children, the very idea of male and female at school, and freedom of speech and religion are at stake.

We also go into Christmas having played our part in a parliamentary motion to recognise ISIS genocide against Christians and other religious minorities.

Sunday’s horrific bombing of a Coptic church in Cairo, resulting in 26 people martyred for their faith in Jesus, is a reminder that violent Islamist extremism remains a threat to religious freedom everywhere, particularly in the Middle East.

We will need your help in the New Year to make sure the genocide motion is brought to a vote, and not left on the never never.

Please be ready.

Twenty sixteen has seen the ACL Team fighting hard to uphold human dignity on many policy fronts.

Euthanasia was defeated by just one vote in South Australia. But with celebrity Andrew Denton championing the cause of assisted suicide, expect this to be on the agenda in 2017.

In Victoria, a bill to take away the freedom of Christian schools and organisations to employ staff who share their ethos was defeated also by just one vote.

ACL’s Dan Flynn played a key role in both issues.

But we can’t afford to continue having these near misses. We must keep building the ACL movement.

In Queensland the push for an abortion-to-birth bill has been held off, again thanks to your support and the tireless campaigning of Wendy Francis and allies.

Those seeking this radical reform will be back in 2017. This is no time to relax.

One of the most exciting developments for us in 2016 has been the launch of the Human Rights Law Alliance headed by Martyn Iles.

HRLA is already running court cases and giving legal advice to Christians who are being persecuted by the law for living out their faith in public.

Thanks to so many of you, we were able to get Martyn and HRLA off to a strong start.

I returned yesterday from Cape Town, South Africa, where I was privileged to take part in the launch of the Cape Town Declaration on marriage.

Leaders from the marriage movement around the world gathered to encourage one another, strategise, compare notes and most importantly to affirm that we will never give up the global fight for marriage.

It’s been a terrific year and I’ve not even mentioned the Eric Metaxas tour which encouraged thousands, our national conference and the Dr David van Gend book launch events which we were proud to arrange.

It’s been an action-packed year. Thanks for sticking with us.

May God bless you and your family this Christmas as we remember and celebrate Jesus coming to earth as a virgin gave birth.


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