One of our biggest wins of the past decade is at risk of being undone, depending on the outcome of this month’s Victorian election.

In 2010, through the support of people like you and by the grace of God, ACL secured a commitment from the incoming Coalition Government to overturn a ban on Christian schools being able to prefer that all staff share the school’s faith and ethos.

This was a huge win for religious freedom. Now the Labor Opposition is seeking to reintroduce the ban if they are elected later this month.

Throughout this election season, ACL is working tirelessly to persuade Labor to change its position on this critical issue. ACL’s Victorian Director, Dan Flynn, has warned of the significant challenges faced in changing Labor’s mind.

“This is going to be like David and Goliath,” Dan said. “This was a law that was overturned by a Coalition Government. Labor is determined to reintroduce the ban.

“Reintroducing the ban would diminish the freedom of Christian schools. It is the distinctive Christian environment that makes Christian schools so attractive to so many parents.

“Despite the challenges, we know that all things are possible for God. Please be praying that we can persuade Labor to change its position and preserve school freedom.”

Please join Christians across Victoria in praying for this important issue as the state election nears. May Christian schools continue to have the freedom to employ teachers who share the faith and ethos they themselves stand for.