The far-left so-called environment party represents a serious threat to our way of life, warns ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace writing in the Spectator Australia magazine out in newsagents tomorrow. In an opinion piece which is featured on the magazine’s front cover, Jim writes:

“In recent weeks, Bob Brown has triumphantly announced a ‘Greenslide’. But it is yet another reflection of how our democracy has become determined by the highest bidder, rather than the most deserving.

The Senate race was so unequally framed that Brown was able to present the Greens, without doubt the hard left of Australian politics, as a genuine alternative to the two major parties, and to continue the deception that this party is about what is natural and is above our tainted mainstream politics.

It was an attractive argument for an electorate presented with such a negative campaign by the major parties. But even a cursory glance at the Greens, their ideology and record in politics, makes a complete mockery of any claim to genuine third party status in Australian politics.

The Senate competition between the minor parties was unequal because only the Greens could amass the cash to promote their cause via a TV campaign. Together with the abandonment of the environment as an issue by the major parties and the political football status given to refugees by the Coalition and the ALP, this made for quite an opportunity. An incredible number of people voted Green as an alternative, without any real idea of what they stand for and almost certainly little empathy for many of their incoherent policies.

This is, after all, a party that simultaneously holds policies supporting pornography and prostitution that fuel the sex trade, while all the time feigning support for women and the most vulnerable.”

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