Wendy FrancisQueenslanders went to the polls last weekend and drove the Labor Party from government in an historic and brutal election. I believe a significant factor in the defeat of the Labor party was the disdain with which Ms Anna Bligh and Mr Andrew Fraser treated Queenslanders on the issue of Civil Partnership Legislation, which was rushed through as a matter of grave importance with eight sitting days of parliament available before the bill was seen as having to be passed.

The committee process, lauded as Queensland’s alternative to an upper house, was similarly abused without any possibility of adequate community consultation. The ALP believed this piece of legislation was a vote winner whilst the LNP voted against it as a block and also committed to repealing it. In the end, the ALP couldn’t have gotten it more wrong. There are only two conclusions – either Queenslanders want the legislation repealed, or they just don’t see it as important at all.

It was disappointing to see Labor’s Michael Choi and Margaret Keech lose their seats. Both showed great courage in standing for Christian values, twice crossing the floor to vote against surrogacy for same-sex couples and marriage-mimicking civil partnerships.

I want to thank everyone who attended one of our 25 Meet Your Candidate forums and also those of you who logged on and watched the live webcast we hosted with Campbell Newman.

It is great to see Christians more and more engaging with the political process as this is so necessary if we are to see our culture positively influenced in the future.