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Last Saturday, November the twenty-sixth, the Lachlan Macquarie Internship graduated its third group of alumni. This program is designed by the ACL to help develop leaders looking to impact public policy, and this event was the finale of an intensive fourteen weeks of study, networking, workshops and experience in political offices.

Family and friends flew from all over the country to encourage and support these future leaders in what God was calling them to. The highlights included speeches from Jim Wallace, the managing director of ACL, and Tony McLellan, the chairman of the ACL board. Grant Dusting gave the final speech based on his concluding essay, articulating the need for a shared restoration of the common good in discussing policy. All in all it was a beautiful day, very worthy of the sacrifice these interns have given for principled public leadership in our nation.

The next internship begins in February 2013, and applications are still being accepted while there are scholarships available.

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Hear Rebekah Faith’s thoughts on the LMI in a five minute radio interview recorded recently.


Reviving the Common Good: Embracing Diversity to Achieve a Better Society for All

A paper by Grant Dusting, who graduated from LMI last week

In The Republic , Plato’s most well-known piece of literature and perhaps one of the most influential books of political philosophy ever written, Plato records his mentor Socrates’ challenge to Thrasymachus, a colleague who advocated the popular belief at that time: that justice is merely what is advantageous to the stronger. 

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