Bishop Anthony Fisher

With debate over population size and the desire for a ‘sustainable population’ being a feature of the current election campaign, Catholic Bishop of Parramatta, Most Rev Anthony Fisher, has posed the question ‘Is Green Australia the new White Australia?’

In an insightful opinion piece posted on the Parramatta Diocese website last night, Bishop Anthony (pictured) writes that Australia is nowhere near population overload, but that the problem is a lack of appropriate planning, infrastructure and services to match our population.

“It is a paradox that in this “nation of migrants” anti-immigration feeling is never far beneath the surface – nowadays a surface coat of green paint. There is a similar paradox in the rhetoric about the need for population control in the world’s least-populated continent,” Bishop Anthony writes.

“Hostility to “population” is hostility to people – people in the abstract, rather than particular people, and especially to babies, especially poor people’s babies. While contraception and abortion have allowed the West to enjoy a copulation explosion at the same time as a population implosion, there are still too many people around for some.”

He says that we should be wary of the “view of human beings as ‘pollution’ of an ideally people-free environment”, and should instead use our collective intelligence to find ways to address our population ‘problems’ “without destroying ecosystems, running out of water or being trapped in carparks called motorways”.  Please click here to read the full article.